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Pauline Churchill

Pauline Churchill
Pauline was born and raised in Surrey, England. She has also lived and worked in Bahrain for five years and has traveled the Middle East before coming to the US and settling in Allamuchy in 1990. She had a background in Hotel Management before becoming a travel consultant twenty years ago.

She has been with Skyland World Travel since our opening in 1995. Along with her extensive travel experiences in Europe, she has also enjoyed travel to India, Hong Kong and the Caribbean to name just a few of her favorite destinations.

She is an Specialist on Adventure Travel and in October 2014 she trekked in Nepal to Everest Base Camp, over 17 days- staying in teahouses and gradually acclimatizing and gaining altitude every day. It was a trip of lifetime.

On July 2015 She climbed Mt. Washington in New Hampshire and she is looking forward to many more treks. She also enjoys planning customized trips to Europe. Pauline loves the great outdoors and is constantly thinking of the next exciting adventure she can undertake.
Australia & New Zealand, Europe, India, Hong Kong, Caribbean
Adventure Travel, Luxury, All-Inclusive, Cruises, River and Canal Cruising
Adventure Travel Specialist, Luxury Travel Specialist
Traveled Destinations:
Australia & New Zealand, Caribbean, Hong Kong, Nepal, India, Europe

Time of our lives in London & Paris

Endorsed By: sdingsor
We didn't know what we wanted--just that we wanted to go to Paris and London. Pauline was knowledgeable, patient, and informative as we processed through our decisions so that we enjoyed some excursions with a tour and balanced it with planning our own events. She was very responsive to our questions around some additional sites we did on our own. She even tipped us off to some sale luggage (50% plus 20% off!) that was lighter weight and easier to travel with than our outdated luggage. We LOVED our trip! Four days in London, Four days in Paris and the Eurostar in-between. Accommodations were first-rate!

Pauline thought of everything!

Endorsed By: Kasey V
My experience working with Pauline was nothing short of amazing. I came to her with a half-thought-out trip and a group of girls who were anxious to go to Scotland but had no idea where to start. Pauline handled everything--seemingly effortlessly!--and within a few short months planned the trip of a lifetime for me and my friends! It was all right under our original budget, too! Everything about the trip was perfect, from the accommodations we stayed in to the number of tours she planned and the pace of the tours throughout the trip. Simply put, Pauline thought of everything. At one point, we even began referring to her as the fairy godmother of our trip! We could not have planned this trip without her and are so grateful for everything she did to make it possible! My friends and I are already talking about planning a return trip, and while we don't know when that trip will be, we do know our first phone call will be to Pauline!

The Trip of a Lifetime

Endorsed By: Debbie & Bill
Cannot praise Pauline enough for her efforts to pull together this incredible trip, which also included the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain. She went out of her way to accommodate our preferences and our tastes. She also offered practical tips on getting around the various countries. Thank you, Pauline!

Awesome trip to Australia

Endorsed By: Anna of Plano, TX
We planned a trip to Australia in 6 weeks and she quickly and promptly got our itinerary set. She worked with us to make sure we had a trip we wanted, although she made some great suggestions for activities based on her experience. She made sure we stayed within budget and was very aware of this for us, always giving us pricing options and letting us know ahead of time what the cost was going to be. There were no hidden costs when we worked with Pauline. She was easily available to us and checked in during our trip to see how we enjoyed it. She made sure to get our visas in a timely manner, which was difficult seeing as we planned the vacation in 6 weeks. She provided us with details about what we were going to be doing each day, but made sure we were ok with everything she had planned. When we asked for changes in the itinerary, there was no hassle while working with Pauline, she made sure everything was promptly taken care of. She is a fabulous agent!